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Model : EKA-RC series

Main feeder : HD/LDPE/PP crushed film scrapes

(1)Side feeder : CaCO3 powder + Additives

(2)Side feeder : CaCO3 powder

Main products : CaCO3 pellet filler, contained 20-60% CaCO3




  • Simple Step : Recycling, compounding, coloring, and filling all combine in one step for saving next step processing procedures. 

  • Automatic Process : Accurate mixing percentage control, improve quality and recycled material added value.

  • Use directly : Final pellet can be directly used on next step production.

  • High CaCo3 : Be due to excellent compounding effective, so can increase the real CaCo3 percentage up to 80% in final product.

  • Cost down : labor, purchase, material and energy consumption all cost down.

  • Available for different feeding system & cutting system by request.


Gear box & Torque limiter & AC motor.
Various type of feeding system.
Vacuum degassing device.
Dual cavity slide plate type melt filter.
Air cooling die-face-cutting pelletizing system
Vibration selection system
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