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      Línea de Lavado y Triturado para PP/PE

Date : 2015

Modelo: CW-PEF-500


Material Apropiado: Desechos de plástico/ película/ bolsas
Capacidad de Trabajo: 400-600 kg/hr

Producto Final: Residuos Triturados y Secos

《This machine equips with》 

  • Inclined conveyor 

  • Wet type powerful crusher 

  • Twin screw friction washing conveyor 

  • Washing & selection tank 

  • Extrusion type squeezer 

  • Hot air drying system 

  • Storage silo 

All of the equipment can be added or removed by request.

Refer to the machine trial

 Waste Plastic Films Recycle Line

Model : CR-150


Suitable material : Plastic film, sheet... soft materials 
Working capacity : 350-500 kg/hr 
Finished products : Plastic pellets

《This machine equips with》 

  • Soft material storage & feeding system 

  • 150mm, L/D ratio 32:1 screw 

  • Dual slide plate type screen changer 

  • Vacuum degassing system 

  • Vertical type water cooling die face cutting system 

  • Vibration selection system 

Refer to the machine trial

 Attiending exhibitions in 2015 

Show Date : 8/14-8/17
Stand No. 123

Show Date : 8/26-8/29

Stand No. B25

Show Date : 9/16-9/19

Stand No. 525