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Model : CR series

Product:Plastic pellets
Material:Plastic film / sheet…soft material

Plastic bottle / cans….rigid material

Screw L/D ratio: L/D ratio 32:1 / 40:1

  • Temperature controller PID+SSR/SCR

  • ABB/HITACHI inverter


CR-PE/PP Plastic Recycle Line



  • Optional side feeding device can be controlled by ABB inverter for adjusting feeding speed and ensuring the stability of output.

  • Closed type water cooling circular system can reduce the water consumption.

  • Powerful centrifuge ensure pelletizing with low power consumption and high production.


✧    V-type conveyor 
✧    Powerful crusher 
✧    Soft material storage & feeding system 

       Rigid material storage & feeding system (depending on material)
✧    Main extrusion unit – 32:1 / 40:1 (two options)
✧    Plate type melt filter
✧    Vacuum degassing system 
✧    Strand type water cooling pelletizing system    

       Horizontal type water cooling die face cutting system 
       Vertical type water cooling die face cutting system (three options)
✧    Vibration pellets cooling & selection system


**All the above equipment is modifiable according to customers’ requirements.

Powerful crusher
Vacuum degassing system
Twin dual cavity slide plate type screen changer
Vertical type water cooling die face cutting system
Vibration pellets cooling & selection system
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