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     The Twin Screw Compounding Line for PA+GF by customer's need

Date : 2015

Customized - EKA-64D/44 

Twin Screw Compounding Line for PA + Fiber Glass  

(The specification of machine by customer's need)

1.Main feeder for PA. 
2.Side feeder for GF reinforcement. 
3.Vacuum Degassing system (behind the main feeder) 
4.Vacuum Degassing system(between the side feeder and screen changer) 
5.Plate type screen changer. 
6.Strand type pelletizing systme (suitable for most application of pelletizing) 

7. Gear box and transmission system 

EKA machine equip with torque limiter which is used between the gear box and motor. When the torque was demanded by the system that exceeds a certain value, the coupling disconnects the gear box from the motor immediately. The value can be pre-set between arrange of system.

EKA64D/44 Specification

Product : Twin Screw Compounding Line For PA + GF

Model : EKA64D/44

Screw Diameter : 64.4mm

Screw L/D : 48:1

Main Motor : AC150HP

Cutting system : Strand Type

General Specification - EKA Series

Co-Rotary Twin Screw Extrusion Line EKA Series